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An audio and video downloader that does not work at all
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It feels a little weird to write a review about a program whose main function I was not able to test. This is the case with FLV2PC. The aim of the program is to allow users to download video and audio files from online sites easily. In theory, after downloading and installing the program, you can download files from sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe, and others by simply copying their URL, clicking on the "Add a new download" button, pasting the URL into the popup window, and waiting for the program to do the rest. This does not happen. I tried to download videos from all the aforementioned sites and more, and in all cases, the program either crashed or showed an error message, despite the fact that I also installed the corresponding add-on in two different browsers. Thus, I was not able to download anything.
Despite the fact that the program has a nice interface that you can change to different styles, and that is really simple to use, the main issue is that it does not work at all. It may be that the video sharing sites are implementing measures that prevent the downloading of their videos or that the program has become obsolete. The fact is that it is completely useless for the task it is meant to perform. Also, the program does not have a Help file that you can consult. It opened the home page of the program when I clicked on the "?" icon. Don't waste your time.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Has a nice interface


  • Does not work at all
  • Lacks a Help file
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